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Finals of Second Contest Held Successfully

       On 3rd December, the finals of Second ?°„The World Should See USTB?°ņ Contest were held in the multi-function hall of the International Office. The top 10 out of 20 finalists attended the competition.
       These top 10 proposals were based on the authors?°• personal international exchange and communication experiences, and provided advice on international education methods, international development strategies and students?°• exchange programs. For example, the ?°„One Plus One?°ņ group suggested creating an information network to build a communication bridge for international students, exchange students and local students. ?°„The World should See USTB?°ņ and ?°„Information Synergy?°ņ group proposed how to improve international education and strengthen USTB?°•s international image, including providing multilingual options on the official website, media promotion and enrollment guides for course development.
       During the final round, students fully expressed their broad views, unique insights and original ideas. Judges evaluated these proposals according to creativity, feasibility and comprehensive performance. At the end, judges selected 7 groups to win prizes, and the ?°„One Plus One?°ņ group received first prize.
       This contest aimed at arousing the enthusiasm of students to participate in internationalization, collecting ideas and conceptions among students and promoting the innovation and development of international cooperation and communication. USTB will support some of these excellent ideas and incorporate them into the working system.




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